WE (incl. you) ARE THE TRIBE

We are all part of the travel industry, and there is a strong connection between us… Africa. It’s part of us. It makes us resilient… different… unique. Here we learn about digital marketing together to grow our businesses and promote this awesome destination.

Let’s grow our travel businesses & destinations together.

Travelers search for you using online platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You engage & build relationships with potential clients using email, FB Messenger, WhatsApp and video chats. Digital has opened the world to you! It has never been more possible to reach your ideal client through effective digital marketing strategies.

As part of Safari Tribe you join other like-minded tourism professionals to learn from each other and stay up to date with the latest in digital marketing.  

Our Focus

A community of like-minded people that stay up to date with the latest digital marketing changes, strategies, tips and trends to effectively promote our businesses and destinations. 


The fast-changing world of digital marketing makes it hard to stay up to date with the latest, most effective strategies and tools. We simplify the platforms, techniques and processes to easily make sense of it all to save you time and money.

Ongoing Learning

Nothing beats learning in a group environment where questions are asked and strategies are shared that actually work. Learn through live training, podcasts, courses and updates.


The travel industry is made up of a friendly, fun bunch of people. When we put our heads together, magic happens! Let’s meet, share, chat, learn and build together. 

Some of the benefits

Get More Clients

Actionable Strategies

Community Support

Exclusive Content

FB Group

Weekly Tips

Live Training

Travel Tech Podcast



Ready to join the Safari Tribe camp fire? Let's grow together!