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Even though we’re in the tourism industry things can get lonely at times. We are an incredible industry with an array of skills and experience levels. Imagine we put our heads together and grow this industry in a sustainable, savvy way while learning from each other… This is why Safari Tribe created a platform where tourism industry professionals can get to know each other, share ideas, learn from others and collaborate to make this awesome industry even better! Join Safari Tribe to hang out with a community of fellow African tourism industry people to stay up to date with important changes, fun events, helpful tools & tips.

What is Safari Tribe?

It’s all about Africa – the people, the wildlife, the beautiful places… Safari Tribe is a community of like-minded African tourism industry professionals with the desire to see the continent flourish.

Safari Tribe fosters connectivity in all its forms; a place to experience the beauty and diversity of Africa; a place where people can share ideas and make connections in physical and digital spaces; a place where people can grow their businesses all the while contributing to our shared values of diversity, respect and conservation.

Safari Tribe OFFERS:

B2C Marketing & Sales

Virtual Gathering

Social Platform

Donation Platform




The Safari Co. has promoted Africa to the world for the past 20 years, connecting travelers with tourism businesses. As part of Safari Tribe The Safari Co. assists with digital marketing and online promotional activities.

The Safari Co. platform provides members the opportunity to reach more customers and promote their businesses to a global audience. Combine this with a supportive community of like-minded travel industry partners and a virtual travel show, your marketing goals can be achieved.

As part of Safari Tribe we also provide a place to learn and stay up to date with digital marketing strategies to effectively promote tourism businesses & destinations.



Staying connected without having to leave your office or home is a crucial part of doing business as we embraced remote working and lowering our carbon footprint.

The Safari Tribe Gathering offers all and more of a live event including:

  • Stage Talks and Presentations
  • Networking (one-on-one & groups)
  • Expo with virtual booths
  • Sessions & Workshops
  • Easy Registrations
  • Recordings & Analytics


Safari Tribe developed a community platform (much like facebook) for the tourism industry.

It’s a convenient place where like-minded people can meet up, connect and stay up to date with the latest news and trends, but without the distractions:

Stay in touch with tourism partners

  • Ask questions
  • Give input
  • Join discussions
  • Learn and refine a new skill
  • Get the latest industry news



Safari Tribe built a digital platform where travelers can adopt a tourism business or conservation organisation to sustain them with revenue through donations for conservation efforts and operational costs (to ensure employment).

Safari Tribe will facilitate this by allowing tourism businesses and conservation organisations to showcase their organisations and securely source funding through the Safari Tribe donation platform from wildlife & travel enthusiasts across the globe.

For the foreseeable future we will focus on conservation, but we are ready for support when any worldwide catastrophe decides to mess with our industry! 



The Safari Tribe Foundation will make available the skills and expertise of the various partners (locally and internationally) to effectively set up or improve conservation efforts. 

A team of specialists with applicable skills and experience are available to work with conservation organisations to effectively implement efforts that make a real difference. Data sharing & collection play a major role in this initiative.

Your conservation initiative can assist others to do more effective work, and learn from those who work in other areas of the continent. 


Being based in the Eastern Cape it can feel a bit isolated at times. Safari Tribe enables us to grow our network and constantly stay on top of the latest happenings in the industry. With the help of the digital marketing courses we carefully planned our online presence to provide helpful information to our clients.

Jono Arnott

Owner, Beachcomber Horse Trails

We’ve found the Safari Tribe community insightful and crucial in staying connected with others in the travel industry. Through the training we redeveloped our website and implemented effective strategies together with a lead conversion strategy which resulted in a 30% increase in enquiries! 

Mark Matheson

Founder & CEO, Bushlore 4x4 Rental

As a local destination marketing organisation with a small budget we find the Safari Tribe community very helpful to have a place where we can connect with others in the industry. It has also been great to find up to date information, strategies and tips to grow our tourism organisation.

Steve Tredoux

Chairperson, Kenton Tourism


Ready to join the Safari Tribe camp fire? Let's grow together!